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Contacting Student Managers

Key Stage 3 Lead Jane Berry: 01274 493533 extension 14133 Year 9 Student Manager Christine Wilber: 01274 493533 extension 14121 Year 10 Student Manager Tom McAteer: 01274 493533 extension 14120 Year 11 Student Manager Chris Hogan: 01274 493533 extension 14122
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Resources For Supporting Children & Young People With SEND

Please see links below to resources to support children with SEND provided by the Local Authority. The Specialist Teaching and Support Service SCIL Team has developed a bank of resources to support parents of children and young people with SEND in the home during the current crisis situation. There are four separate areas, to support…
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Collection of Workbooks

Further to Boris Johnson's announcement last night, no parents/carers will be able to collect workbooks from either Beckfoot Upper Heaton or Beckfoot Heaton Primary for the time being. We will let you know if this changes. Thanks Graeme Wrightson
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For Year 10 Parents/Carers

Dear Parents/Carers, Further to Boris Johnson's announcement on the news last night, we are no longer in a position to keep the school open for parents/carers to collect Year 10 workbooks. If and when restrictions on travel are lifted, we will be in touch to allow you access to these resources. Thanks Graeme Wrightson
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How to Access “Work to Do at Home”

From this menu you can access all subject materials as well as the 'KS3 Learning at Home Booklet'. Our School > Curriculum > ... From this menu, you can access Year 11 Support materials, useful links etc. Students > ...
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