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Welcome Back (Nov 2015)

Welcome back everyone and I do hope you had a relaxing and restful half term. I also hope students made time for study especially those for whom external exams are going to be a feature of the year ahead. We have had a number of exams this week in Maths and Science and the boys…
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We are nearly there!

We are nearly there and the half term has flown by. As I mentioned last week we have achieved a great deal in a short space of time; I really hope that the messages about hard work, ambition and aspiration have been clear and taken on board by all our young people. It’s been another…
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What a week! (Oct 2015)

What a week and in truth what a term. It seems to have flown by and as I look back it feels like I have been here for years! We have launched our new student progress journey where the level of expectations for students is now based on them achieving more than expected progress in…
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