We Are Making ‘Considerable Progress’

Have a great summer!

We are finishing school today and it has been an amazing week. I can never quite believe that the holidays come around so quickly and every year I seem ill prepared!

We have enjoyed our end of year Celebration Assemblies this week and it has been a privilege to present awards to our students. We really want to recognise achievement, endeavour and attitude whenever possible and it was so exciting to reveal the various winners in front of families and friends each morning. We had subject awards, sporting awards, Student Manager and Headteacher awards as well as recognising attendance and whole school contribution. We also used the events as an opportunity to showcase talent in music, art, engineering, poetry and creative writing. It was special and a highlight for me was the string ensemble.

I want to thank the students, staff and especially, Miss Dickson for making these events come alive. I loved every minute and can’t wait to see how these develop next year.

I want you to know that four staff are leaving this time. We are saying goodbye to Miss Shabir, Mr Shabir, Mr Raine and Mr Aslam. I want to thank them for all they have contributed to our school and wish them every success and happiness in their new and exciting ventures beyond Beckfoot Upper Heaton.

Finally, we are expecting to release our exam results as follows:

17th August – 9am A/AS exam results issued to students
24th August – 9am GCSE exam results issued to students

Should there be any concerns about any of this please get in contact with us as soon as possible.

Have a great summer and be safe. We look forward to seeing you all in September and are very excited at the next stage of our journey to become an outstanding school.

Below are some pictures from our assemblies.


DSC 0188-min DSC 0175-min DSC 0166-min DSC 0144-min DSC 0141-min DSC 0130-min DSC 0126-min DSC 0124-min DSC 0118-min DSC 0113-min DSC 0107-min DSC 0096-min DSC 0092-min DSC 0087-min DSC 0085-min DSC 0083-min DSC 0077-min DSC 0074-min DSC 0073-min DSC 0070-min DSC 0068-min DSC 0062-min DSC 0054-min DSC 0052-min DSC 0051-min DSC 0044-min DSC 0042-min DSC 0041-min DSC 0040-min DSC 0035-min DSC 0032-min DSC 0026-min DSC 0025-min DSC 0023-min DSC 0021-min DSC 0020-min DSC 0017-min DSC 0016-min DSC 0015-min DSC 0014-min DSC 0013-min DSC 0008-min DSC 0006-min

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