Creating Outstanding Young People!

Welcome back to school following the half term break. I hope you managed to enjoy the week and get some rest from the normal school based routine?

In recent weeks we have sought to deliver on our collective ambition to allow our students access to remarkable learning opportunities whilst at the same time continue to broaden their horizons (I know I am always going on about that!).

Just a few weeks ago we invited our Key Stage 4 students to be part of a live webcast featuring a holocaust survivor, Janine Webber. She is now in her late 80s and spoke, on her feet, for 45 minutes to recount her tale of survival whilst living in occupied Poland during the 2nd World War. Her story was remarkable and incredibly moving. Lots of us had tears at some point as she told of how her little brother, aged 7, was murdered and her brother and grandmother were also killed simply because of their religion. Our students were very respectful and learned a lot about how life was very cruel for some, not so long ago, just because they were deemed to be different or inferior.

In the same week we had a guest speaker into assemblies to talk about sexual equality. Again, I was humbled by the approach our students took to this topic and the respect they had for the presenter. Life is so rich and diverse and treating others with respect and kindness should be a basic expectation we all hold of each other.

Just prior to half term we had our Key Stage 4 Student Self Review Day and over 94% of parents and carers made the effort to attend. I’ve always loved the idea that students lead conversations on these days and, in doing so, take responsibility for their learning and progress. Whilst all that was going on our Key Stage 3 students were engaged in a Wider Learning Day. There was a huge range of activities and what seemed like hundreds of providers into school to support our students. It was amazing! Highlights for me include the Healthy Living/Healthy lifestyles work, Drugs and Alcohol awareness, LGBT workshop and PRISON ME, NO WAY. It was a stunning day with so many opportunities for students to gain greater understanding of the world around them, the importance of good decision making in life and an acceptance of others regardless of race, religion or sexuality.

Our Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) students have begun their Bronze Award working alongside Ms. Knight and they have been busy making a difference to our school community and site through their focus on litter and prevention. It’s lovely to see them out and about at break and lunchtime. They appear to work in packs and once they are done with an area it is pristine! I am delighted with their enthusiasm and efforts and pretty soon they will be on their expedition which will be yet another example of our school providing memorable experiences for our students. Can’t wait!

Last night our Year 9 students went to see the stage adaptation of ‘War Horse’ at the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford. The production was incredible and wowed both our students and staff. The theatre itself also provided the wow factor for them and to be part of such an event will live long in the memory. Thanks to all involved.

Finally, our newly elected Beckfoot Upper Heaton Student Leadership (BUHSL) group was announced at the beginning of February. Ten students spent a week stood in front of every year group in assembly talking about themselves and their aspirations for our school. It’s not easy but they were all very impressive, well prepared and unbelievably brave. The whole school took part in an election process using voting booths in the LRC and from there 6 students were elected. They are: Haaziq Hameed; Rohail Irfan; Zane Khan; Safin Latif; Kiara Palsakova and Mariyah Usman.I am thrilled for each of them and I cannot wait to see what projects they will be focusing on this year and the impact their work will have on our school.

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