Holocaust Memorial Day 2018

In previous weeks students have been reflecting on two of our Beckfoot Upper Heaton learner skills; Tolerant and Respectful and their links to diversity. Our school community came together to celebrate and reflect through a variety of events and activities.

The 26th January marked Bradford's and our school's dedication to 'Holocaust Memorial Day'. Amongst dignitaries speaking about the tragedy and the importance of tolerance and standing up to all forms of hate speech were the Lord Mayor of Bradford, local MP's and representatives of families and communities caught up in recognised genocides across the world including Rwanda, Burma and of course those who survived and lost loved ones during the Holocaust.

Our students came forward and spoke brilliantly about the necessity of learning the lessons of the past quoting iconic and influential personalities such as Anne Frank & Mother Teresa, emphasising how critical love and respect for one another is in the world we now live in. The audience was then invited to light candles, signifying our hope that the tragic events of our past will never be repeated.

At school during Period 2 and assembly we had all of Year 10 and Year 11 watching a live webcast from a Holocaust Survivor - Janine Webber. A bit of a risk as it was live but thankfully the internet held up! The opportunity to see this live was worth the risk. Our students had done a tutor time activity the day before and submitted questions prior but unfortunately none of ours were picked.

It was truly inspirational but as you can imagine incredibly moving. The students responded brilliantly; they were respectful and spoke enthusiastically and positively about it.

The way she spoke about embracing diversity and equality really did resonate.

We have held assemblies looking at diversity and equality from Yorkshire Mesmac, a LGBT+ charity who I have worked with before. Then the following week Year 8 had a Wider Learning Day following the same theme.

V Armitage

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