Jon Hammond: Guest Speaker

On Friday 22nd April we were fortunate to welcome Jon Hammond - Motivational speaker and famous BBC TV and Radio presenter in school. It is through working with the charity 'Speakers for schools' that the opportunity arose.

Jon started the school day by meeting the Head and found out about our school and the journey we have been on. As you can imagine he was extremely pleased to hear our Ofsted news and passed on his congratulations to all the staff, students and parents and carers.

He was very complementary about our wonderful learning environment when he was taken on a student led tour and just as complimentary towards the professional BUHSL members who led him round. He was also grilled by our school Newspaper team for an article which will be published at the end of the year.

The reason for Jon's visit was to inspire and motivate our students through talking about his fascinating career in TV and Radio and now as someone who helps transform businesses who need some help.

It certainly did what was intended. Wow! Jon spoke about the art of communication, being aspirational, ’the best you can be in whatever you do' and ultimately be confident young people. He made our students really consider what their dreams are and how they should go for it and not let anything hold them back. Work hard at school, be confident and never miss opportunities that may help yourself develop. The feedback has been brilliant and left a lasting impact on many of our students.

It was a wonderful day and we thank Jon for taking his time out of his busy 'showbiz' schedule.

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