Looking To The Future!

We have entered the exam season and we are all very aware of the importance of the next few weeks in terms of changing lives. I want to wish all our students the very best of luck and I sincerely hope they do great things.

On Friday we took Year 11 to Flamingo Land which is now an annual event. The day is designed to do two things:

  1. Say thank you for all our students have contributed to our school
  2. Give them a total break from the pressures of exams but in doing so also make it clear that following the day out they must focus totally on their revision and exam preparation in lessons.

The weather was stunning and they all had a great day. My thanks to all those staff who supervised the trip and ensure these things remain firmly on our calendar annually.

We have had a number of elements of exams completed in Art, ICT, PE and Business in recent weeks and our Year 11 have been wonderful. The end products in Art never cease to amaze me and I am in awe of the creative talent that exists here. We have a strategic plan to support all students up to the 15th June when the last GCSE exam takes place and that will involve using lessons that have completed their respective courses and allowing supervised teaching and/or revision to take place in preparation for exams not yet sat. Our staff have been incredible in terms of their care and guidance and they too deserve much success. Fingers crossed!

On Wednesday we had our Careers Day. The morning began with all year groups having assemblies with our guest speakers; Tasif Khan (World Champion boxer), Sarah Khan-Bashir MBE (Owner of Shire Solicitors) and Shaban Din (CEO of SD Prestige and Performance cars). Each speaker was simply brilliant. Their message about hard work, ambition, dreams and that anything is possible with the right attitude resonated hugely with me and the students. They spoke with passion, honesty and a real understanding of Bradford and the potential that exists in each of our students. The afternoon followed with a Careers Fair in the hall and each year group having the opportunity to visit the vast array of stalls where they could glean information about apprenticeships, university, careers and opportunities in the city. It was a huge success and the feedback from staff, students and the various providers was fantastic. The whole day provided so many special moments and I was very proud of our school community. I want to say a special thanks to Mr. Mahmood, Nazim Ali and the entire team who made this possible.

Finally, I spent a day last week with leaders of the Beckfoot Trust planning for the future. I am very proud and fortunate to work both at BUH but also within such a forward thinking, child centered organisation who genuinely care for all those working and studying within its schools. There is so much optimism going forward and the work being done to support students and we are a part of that. I am excited for the future and we remain resolute in our determination to make this school one of the finest examples of comprehensive education anywhere. We will get there with your continued support and hard work.

Have a great week.


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