Trip to Malham

On 27th September, a group of Year 11 students went on a Geography trip to Malham.

"It was necessary for our Geography coursework which tied in with our exam topic of tourism. Our hypothesis is 'Tourists have a negative impact on the honeypot of Malham'; we have to prove or disprove this.

We went to the village of Malham to count the number of cars in the main car park of Malham. Later on, we went on a walk where we interviewed tourists and residents of the area. We obtained a lot of information by doing these interviews which really helped to enhance our understanding of how tourism affected Malham. The walk took in the sites of Janet's Foss Waterfall and Gordale Scar.

Finally, we went to the Limestone Pavement for our own personal experience to see the amazing views from the top of the cove. We took the steps back down where we could look up and reflect on where we had just been and what we had seen."

- Zishan Ziarab (Yr11 student)

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