BAE Systems, RAF and Royal Navy STEM Roadshow

Year 7 and 8 were treated to a wonderful STEM show titled ‘Are we connected' delivered by the BAE Systems, RAF and Royal Navy education team on Friday 25th January.

We learnt how mobile phones connect people around the world, how computers talk to each other and how we communicate with our devices e.g. Bluetooth.

Real life applications of the use of the most recent communication technologies within BAE Systems, the RAF and the Royal Navy were alluded to. Shhhhh...a lot of the information is very classified so only little bits of know how were passed on.

There were lots of interactive displays in which our girls and boys threw themselves into. Problem solving games to explain how mobile phone and GPS systems work and even how a zorb ball replicated an algorithm. The races involving communicating with a Sphero bolt via a phone app were impressive. Our students can be very competitive.

The careers available at all three organisations was mentioned throughout with female mechanical, electrical and computer engineers in massive demand.

Well done to Years 7 and 8 for getting involved and representing Beckfoot Upper Heaton School so well. I am sure the BAE System will return for a sixth year in 2020.

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