DfE Performance Tables Success!

I want to share with you some information from this year’s DfE School Performance Tables which were published just last week. The interesting thing about them is that they compare schools against other similar schools nationally and then rank them in order of performance based on GCSE exams. I am so thrilled to tell you that we did great. Indeed, we were ranked second against fifty-five similar schools across the country which is a truly amazing achievement. I am so proud of our school, our students and staff. We have come a long way and, rest assured, we are very ambitious to be even better. I want to thank everyone who has contributed to our journey, who believed in us from the start and supported us to do great things for our incredible young people.

We have also been busy as we continue to broaden horizons for students and give them experiences that will support their development well beyond BUH. We have had speakers into school to talk to students in assembly about LGBT issues, the Holocaust and Careers. It has been wonderful to listen to so many varied perspectives and to use that to better understand the world around us.

Earlier this month two of our Year 10 students were involved in the Speak Out challenge regional finals at the Bradford Media Museum. Musaleen and Tauheed worked together to present a powerful speech on disability. Musaleen delivered the speech and Tauheed acted as timekeeper and aide. Such was the quality of the performance Musaleen was awarded runners up position and was presented with a framed certificate by Judith Cummins MP. Both boys represent everything we continue to believe in and desire to instil in our students. We want them to be brave, resourceful, confident and willing to stand up and make a difference; they did and we are very proud of them.

We also welcomed back British Aerospace to our school last week. They came in for the morning on Friday and delivered two stunning performances based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) to our Year 7 and 8 students. They had hover boards, drones, Zorbs, molies and tablets to demonstrate the power of technology in an ever changing world. They also shared the opportunities that exist through British Aerospace for careers and education. We love having them and are so grateful for their input annually.

We also had Year 8 Options Evening last week. It was a huge success with over 95% of parents/carers in attendance. I loved the sincerity and warmth of the talks delivered by Mr. Ward and the levels of excitement and interest for both students and their families. That evening and the process will be further supported by each child having an individual meeting with a senior member of staff to discuss their options choices and explain how those choices may link to their future dreams and aspirations. I love it!

Lastly, I really want to mention our Careers Advisor, Nazim Ali, to you. He is an incredible guy who works really hard to support our students with their post 16 choices. He works closely with staff and students to ensure they are well supported and informed about the options available following GCSE exams. In addition to his work he is also hugely dedicated to his community and caring for those less fortunate. In recognition of this he has been honoured with a British Citizen Award and we are so delighted for him. It is hugely deserved and will, no doubt, inspire others to do similar work in the future.


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