Easter has arrived


Wow. Two terms done and we are well into the business end of the academic year. Our Year 11 students have just a few weeks left before the GCSE exams begin on the 13th May and I know so many of them are working incredibly hard to ensure they do as well as they possibly can. Staff are working alongside them to support their preparations and readiness for whatever the exam season throws at them. They are incredible young people and I dearly want them to do great things this summer and beyond.

For some, like our GCSE Art students, the exams began last week. The Art practical exam was held on Monday and Tuesday and watching them commit such effort to their work was an utter joy. The final pieces were stunning. A special thanks to Ms. Wharton and Ms. Cordingley for their incredible support, enthusiasm and motivation during the two days.

On Friday we are taking all of Year 11 to the Mercure hotel for a Super Learning Day. The aim is to treat them like conference delegates and give them an educational experience in a completely different setting based around English, maths and science. We will educate them, feed them and inspire them (I hope) to utilise the remaining weeks to make a difference to their lives. It should be a great day.

Over the Easter holidays there is a full programme of revision days for them and Mr. McAteer has liaised with Faculty leaders and subject teachers to ensure the best possible provision for students during this critical period. I am always humbled by the generosity of staff when it comes to giving of their free time to better support our students prior to their exams. Please ensure your child/ward attends as required and check the programme for dates and times that has been made available to you by Mr. McAteer.

In other matters, our science team organised an incredible 4 days of visits last week to Leeds University for STEM events for students across years 7-10. I love these opportunities as they help to inspire future generations simply through making learning exciting and come alive. PC Tony was on hand all week to provide transport and supervision and the events were organised by Mr. Butler with support from everyone in the science team. It was hugely enjoyable and very special for every child that took part.

As it’s the end of term we have been busily catching students getting it right around school. Our reward assemblies have been amazing with lots of young people having their efforts recognised and rewarded by teachers and tutors. I have loved the warmth from staff when recognising those students who go the extra mile. I have also loved giving out our bronze and silver lapel pin badges to those with over 97% attendance, a strong attitude to learning and no sanctions (detentions etc.). I was thrilled to be able to hand out a number of gold awards representing a first for me and the school. Recipients have done incredibly well to receive these awards which are for all of the above but include additional commitment to our school and community. If your child comes home this week with any colour of badge please congratulate them because they have shown true commitment to their learning, their school and you.

Finally, I wanted to thank you all for your wonderful support once again this term. I shared with you, last week, just how much that support means to our work every day. Indeed, I am convinced our collective approach has helped lead to our SSAT Educational Outcomes award. We are in the top 20% of all state school in England and Wales for progress, which is truly astonishing given where we were a few short years ago when our journey began. I am so proud of all we have achieved but I also want to reassure you that we still have so much to do if we are to deliver on our promise to make this school truly great.

Have a lovely Easter. Get some rest and we’ll see you all on Monday 29th April.



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