Coffee Morning

The students of 9WMA organised and ran a coffee morning for staff on Friday 20th December. It was in aid of raising awareness of mental health issues in our local community and getting all the staff together to sit, talk, discuss and share, as well as indulge on some pastries, biscuits, cakes, donuts, flapjacks etc. (the real reason they came!!!). We were supporting The Cellar Trust with this project; a local charity that supports adults with mental health issues and helps people get back into work and normal life routines.

It was a fantastic event with an amazing turnout. Everywhere we looked, there were people discussing strategies, sharing their own struggles, listening to people who just wanted someone to talk to, and of course, enjoying the complementary food and drink.

As a class, it was decided that we would not charge for anything but we were open to donations. Thanks to the amazing staff at BUH, we managed to raise almost £100 purely through the generosity of the staff!

Thank you to all staff who attended and supported the cause, and a massive thank you to all who donated. A special mention to Ms. Qassim and Ms. Ragan for organising and running the event, and of course the legendary students that make up 9WMA.

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