After-School Art Club at Leeds Art University

Jacob, Jaweriah and Muhammad in Year 9 have all been accepted on the After-School Art Club at Leeds Art University.

It is designed to provide practical support for ambitious, creative students who want to produce artwork for their portfolios, become more familiar with studying art and design at University and look at careers within the creative industry.

Each week they will be working with a University lecturer on the theme of "identity" to produce techniques and processes through online workshops. I'll also be working closely with the students and lecturers to support them at school if needed.

It's a lot to ask a Year 9 student to independently apply to a University and to access online learning with tutors they don't know. They had very little notice to prepare due to the bubble bursting, but with the help of ClassCharts I'm so pleased they were brave enough to try! It's a wonderful boost to their confidence and will hopefully open more opportunities for them in the future.

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