Bradford Manufacturing Weeks 2020

For the past 2 weeks we've been taking part in Bradford Manufacturing Weeks activities through a series of virtual events and curriculum activities.

The largest event we took part in was a competition for all of our Year 9 students to create a new innovative design for a hand sanitiser station to promote safe hand sanitising in school. All of our Year 9 students developed entries for this during Design & Technology lessons, and ultimately Beckfoot Upper Heaton students came in first place!

All students were involved, and we will be using the £500 prize money to reward them in the near future, with the ideas that we put forward produced by Haider A, Ariba N, Laiba A, Komal N, Phoenix E and Ibraheem Q.

These students in particular deserve a special recognition, with Phoenix and Ibraheem also presenting live on Teams to a panel of organisers and manufacturing professionals from across the city.

We also had a series of manufacturing and work skills sessions via Teams.

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