KS3 Extended Learning

At KS3 Extended Learning forms an important part of your child's development. Each term students will be given several extended learning tasks to be completed at home. These tasks will be both short- and long-term projects to help support their development in lessons. They may take the form of a creative research page, studying an artist or culture, or simply collecting images or materials to use within the lesson.

The extended learning at KS3 encourages students to be creative, independent thinkers who are inquisitive and reflective.

The Art Department actively encourages parental/carer support in their childs' artistic journey.

Year  7 Autumn Term

• Draw a line drawing from a primary or secondary source
• Draw a continuous line drawing from a primary or secondary source
• Independently research 6 to 7 patterns from different countries or cultures
• Independently collect 5 or 6 different textures to bring into school. This could be fabrics, lace, leaves or even dried pasta.
• Make a colour wheel using collage
• Complete any unfinished work at home or in the LRC
• Create a collage of tone to add to your book
• Complete a research design page on the artist Michael Craig Martin

Year 8 Autumn Term

Op Art Project

Help Guides

Year 8 Spring Term

Point Perspective Drawing