KS4 Extended Learning

At KS4 Extended Learning projects will link closely to coursework and therefore be part of the assessment at the end of Year 11. Tasks will often involve completion of sketchbook work in lessons and are designed to develop independent, reflective and creative students.

Time on extended learning tasks should be a minimum of 2 hours to enable good quality work and presentation skills.

Students have the option to attend weekly booster sessions to enable them to benefit from the equipment and expertise that class teachers can provide.

Y9, Y10 & Y11 GCSE Booster Sessions:
Wednesday lunchtimes and 2:35pm - 5:00pm
Thursday 2:35pm - 5:00pm

Failure to meet extended learning deadlines will result in compulsory attendance at after-school detention on Friday with the Head of Department (2:45pm - 3.45pm).

Year 10 Extended Learning Task (Human Figure)

Click above to download your task sheet. Deadline: Wednesday 18th April!