Physical Education

Life in PE

Introduction into PE

The BUH PE department genuinely believe that physical education has the power to combat current and future health problems, not just for the body but also for the mind; yet it is still massively underappreciated! Think of PE as a ‘preventative medicine’ for future generations of students. PE can be taught in many different ways, through many different sports and in many different contexts, all owing to strong physical, social and mental wellbeing, not only out on the playing field but also throughout people’s day-to-day lives. Here at BUH we pride ourselves on the opportunities we provide to our pupils and the vast array of sports we have on offer. From building confidence, to reducing levels of stress, to enhancing our cardiovascular fitness, PE truly is the gateway to fulfilling all-round healthy, active lifestyles.

Curricular Sports

We aim to deliver a well-rounded, versatile curriculum which enables all children to succeed and make sustained progress through a broad range of sports. The table below shows the relevant sports that pupils undertake in each year group however, this something that is under constant review to ensure that we have the most effective and accessible curriculum for all of our students at BUH.

What We Deliver

Whilst we pride ourselves on the core PE curriculum that we provide to ALL students, we also offer the option for our Year 9 pupils to choose BTEC sport as one of their KS4 options. We are currently delivering the BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Sport which consists of an array of different contexts and content. Students have the opportunity to: lead their own sports sessions in a practical environment; produce their own exercise plan and complete it to evaluate its effectiveness; learn about the body systems; understand the fitness components, methods of training and principles of training required by specific sports and understand how sports performers are continually improving to name but a few. Through this course and within the PE department, we aim to educate and inform our pupils on the career paths that PE can lead to. From physiotherapist to sports analysts, to journalism, to personal trainers, we are continually trying to remove the stigma that there are very little options for careers within sport and PE. We are always aiming to highlight the various alleyways and avenues for employment that PE and sport can provide.

How Do Students Learn?

Physical activity can be tough, both physically and mentally. This is why we aim to engage students to participate in creative lessons, starting with warm-ups either lead by the class teacher or students themselves ultimately helping them to develop their self-confidence and leadership skills.

All lessons are facilitated by specific outcomes allowing students to have ample opportunities to achieve, demonstrate key skills, leadership, knowledge and understanding of a variety of sporting disciplines.

All lessons take into account any SEND students and their needs, together with elements of stretch and challenge ensuring all students needs are being met and progress is rapid.

How Are Students Assessed?

All students are assessed for each sporting discipline (usually 8 sports across the academic year) using assessment criteria grades 1-9.

Each student has an individual target grade to achieve each year. They are assessed on: practical ability; knowledge of the sports including rules, regulations and tactics and should also demonstrate some leadership skills. They will need to be reflective and understand the importance of evaluating performance with a view to always improve.

Fitness is assessed practically and has a 50-mark exam which prepares students for the BTEC Sport Exam at KS4 if they wish to choose Sport in their options in Year 9.

Competitive Sport and Extra-Curricular

The PE Department at BUH are dedicated to exposing students to sport beyond the normal hours of the school day. All students are welcomed to enjoy sports after school at only the cost of them enjoying some physical activity and having fun.

Competition and competitive sport has a role to play in the lives of all our students, whether it be within sport or not.  Competitions may take the form of Intra Sport Competitions where students in form classes or PE classes compete against the other students from their own year group.

There are also opportunities for both boys and girls to proudly represent BUH against students from other schools, popular sports include: football, basketball, cricket, netball, dance, badminton, table tennis and athletics. In the Summer of 2019, some Year 11 students were taken to Headingley in Leeds to watch a first-class, World Cup cricket match.  Some of the students who attended said “It was the best day of their life”.