Preparing for Secondary School

Preparation, as we all know, is the key to success and you will be wanting to get ready.

Firstly, please make sure your parent/carer has returned your acceptance slip and the forms which were sent to you in the post. They are crucial in registering you at school and enabling us to provide timetables and access to the school catering system.

  1. Student Information Form
  2. Beckfoot Trust Student Privacy Notice
  3. Mymetro Bus Pass application (if appropriate) and post to the address shown on the form.
  4. Tell your parents/carers to download the MyEd app to their phone (

Explore our website and you will be directed to all aspects of school life that you will need to be familiar with ranging from school meals, uniform and bus routes.

There are also some Transition activities which we would like you to have a go at, ready for your September start:

Year 7 Transition Info Booklet 2020