The School Day

The School Day

Students must be in school by 8.10am, at the very latest, every day and should be dropped off or picked up using the Thorn Lane entrance off Haworth Road. Cars are not permitted on the turning circle.

  • Lessons begin promptly at 8.20am.  If students arrive after this time, they must ‘sign in’ with their Student Manager at the Support and Challenge Team Office.
  • If students arrive late they will receive an Attitude to Learning code and a message will be sent home. If students are late 3 times in 2 weeks, this will result in parents attending school to discuss our concerns.

There are 5 lesson periods in each day. Students are not allowed to leave the premises at all during the day.

Students must enter and leave the building via Thorn Lane and not the main reception.

The School Library (known in school as the LRC) is open from 7:45am until 3:30pm for students Monday - Thursday, and 7:45am until 2:45pm on Friday.  This is an excellent opportunity to complete extended learning or continue research/independent personal study time.