Personal Development

Personal Development: Our Futures Programme

At Beckfoot Upper Heaton we are proud to be a very busy school with lots going on to complement and enhance the taught curriculum so that you develop both academically and personally.

Our Beckfoot Upper Heaton learner represents the skills and values which are needed for success and happiness both in school and out.

We believe Personal Development is as important as academic development and you should take it just as seriously as your achieving success in your subjects.

Personal development is about how you come to understand who you are and what are your strengths and areas for development.
Social development is how you come to understand yourself in relation to others, how you make friends, understand the rules of society and behave towards others.
Emotional development concerns how you understand your own and others’ feelings and develop your ability to be empathetic – to see things from another person’s point of view.

Our programme is developed to bring the best out in everyone.

Our Futures Programme comprises of:

  1. Health & Wellbeing Education
  2. Relationships Education
  3. Living In The Wider World

Activities: (age related)

  • Tutoring and Assembly programme (age appropriate)
  • Wider Learning Days and Events for example Career Education, Relationship and Sexual Health
  • Guest Speakers (We are proud to be a Speakers for Schools Partner school)
  • Curricular trips - subject specific
  • Extra-curricular clubs
  • Student leadership opportunities
  • Social action activities and charity work (We are proud to be a First Give school)

The list is not exhaustive and the activities are not just optional extras - we see them as critical to academic and life success.

We actively encourage all students to try their hand at new things and engage with people from other year groups; ultimately to Enjoy, Learn and Succeed.