Who’s Who

Graeme Wrightson: Headteacher

"Graeme Wrightson became Headteacher of Beckfoot Upper Heaton in September 2019, following spells in Deputy Headteacher and Assistant Headteacher roles since the school's inception in September 2015.

Graeme considers it a huge privilege to serve the Heaton ward, and is committed to leading the school with community at the very heart. Graeme thinks that collaboration between school staff, students and their families will ensure that all students Enjoy, Learn and Succeed in their time at Beckfoot Upper Heaton.

Graeme, and the school's leadership team, have a clear vision to ensure a curriculum that inspires all students to be confident communicators and future-ready young people, who will go on to thrive in an ever-changing world. Our new community principles of Ready - Respectful – Safe, epitomise the care we have for every young person. Nothing will be left to chance in our quest to become a truly remarkable school where no child is ever left behind."

Mel Ward: Deputy Headteacher

"Melvyn Ward is one of our two Quality of Education Deputy Headteachers at Beckfoot Upper Heaton. Mel is privileged to have worked with our local community for nearly two decades and has been a senior leader at BUH since it joined the Beckfoot Trust. He is proud to work with our colleagues, our young people and their families to ensure that every student leaves BUH equipped with the qualifications, skills and self-belief that open the gateway of opportunity to future success.

Mel has a determination that our school provides a curriculum that is relevant in meeting the needs of all students; it builds their cultural capital, motivates and excites."

Stephanie Barton: Deputy Headteacher

"Stephanie Barton joined us in January 2020 as Deputy Headteacher: Quality of Education, with a focus on Teaching and Learning and Staff Development. Originally from Manchester, Stephanie started her career as an English teacher in Rochdale. Prior to joining Beckfoot Upper Heaton, she worked for a large Multi Academy Trust as part of their national team, developing the study of English across more than 20 secondary academies.

Stephanie is passionate about improving the life chances of young people by ensuring they receive a quality education, she is fully committed to the Trust mantra 'No Child Left Behind', believing that education is the key to future success."

Mike Midgley: Assistant Headteacher, Behaviour & Attitudes

"Mike Midgley is one of the longest serving members of our staff at Beckfoot Upper Heaton. He is the Assistant Headteacher Responsible for ensuring an effective climate for learning in school. Mike is local to the school and has built up strong relationships with local families whose children attend our school, both past and present. Mike works tirelessly to develop an effective 'team around the child' that encompasses the staff and family; he ensures that they both support and challenge our youngsters in their learning.

Mike seeks to remove any potential barriers to students' learning by supporting them through any issues that they might encounter as a young person. He champions a Positive Learning Strategy in school that rewards strong work ethics."

Louise Morgan: Assistant Headteacher, Personal Development

"Louise Morgan has worked within the Beckfoot Trust since 2007 and moved to Beckfoot Upper Heaton in 2016.

Currently an Assistant Head for Personal Development, Louise wants the learners of Beckfoot Upper Heaton to leave the school future ready. With PSHCE at the forefront of the curriculum, students will get a wide range of experiences to enrich their school experience."


Alison Smith: Assistant Headteacher, Access & Inclusion

"Alison Smith joined us in September 2020 in the brand new role of Assistant Headteacher for Access and Inclusion.

Alison started her teaching career as a primary teacher, first in the East Midlands and then in Oldham, moving on to a specialist teaching role supporting vulnerable children and young people with social, emotional and behaviour difficulties, eventually leading the Bradford LA Specialist Teaching Team. Most recently Alison led a designated specialist SEND provision in a Beckfoot Trust secondary school.

Alison is delighted to join the school at an exciting time, working with the team to further develop provision to support vulnerable students towards our goal of ensuring that all have opportunity to reach their potential."

Julie Jepson: Cluster Business Manager

"Julie Jepson move to the Cluster Business Manager role over Beckfoot Upper Heaton and Beckfoot Heaton Primary School & Nursery in February 2020, focusing on the business management of both schools with the aim of closer cluster working. Prior to this she worked at Heaton Primary School & Nursery, a faith secondary and within the private sector.

Julie’s vision is founded on the Trust ‘No child left behind’ mantra, providing a fully inclusive and accessible education for all children within our cluster community, regardless of individual backgrounds and ability."