Message from the Head

Welcome to our website. I hope it provides you with all the information you need about the school and also captures the unique ethos that makes Beckfoot Upper Heaton special.

Our school motto created by students is ‘Enjoy - Learn - Succeed’. We are totally student centered. We expect every ‘Beckfoot Upper Heaton learner’ to enjoy school, be successful academically and become self-disciplined, outward looking and selfless young adults. Our culture is celebratory and aspirational.

Our aim is to create an outstanding example of truly great comprehensive education in this part of Bradford. We passionately believe that every young person has talent and it is the job of a good school to ensure that they fulfill it. Our curriculum has breadth, focuses on core skills and provides a route forward for every learner. We are extremely proud of the progress achieved for all groups of learners at GCSE in recent years and our collective aim is to continue to build on this year on year going forward.

The key to our success is a team of staff who demonstrate absolute commitment to the vision and values of the school. Great teaching sits at the heart of all we do. Relationships matter. We only appoint teachers who relate well to young people, plan lessons and assess learning effectively so that we can guarantee that students feel valued, can enjoy learning and make great progress. Alongside our teachers is an exceptionally talented group who form our Support and Challenge and Administrative teams. They free teachers up to teach and embrace fully the values and vision for the school.

The relationship with our parents, community partners, primary school feeder schools, colleges, universities and industry is fast evolving and will help to ensure the support every learner receives is first rate. We are hugely excited about our CEIAG (Careers Education Information, Advice and Guidance) programme and the opportunities that will bring to broaden horizons for our young people.

We are a Beckfoot Trust school and we are very proud to be at the heart of trust developments over the past three years. Indeed, our relationship with other Beckfoot Trust Schools is one of our greatest strengths.

In January 2017 we moved into our new state of the art school and in doing so we have enhanced opportunities for both our students and local community. As well as a stunning new main school building we will also have a new Sports Centre, multi-use games area (MUGA) and playing fields.

Finally, what stands out about Beckfoot Upper Heaton is its soul. Our students come first. It is a very special place to learn and work. It is a ‘Good’ school. It is calm, has warmth, a strong sense of community and shared values. It is a school where all can feel safe and confident to feel proud of their achievements. It is a happy place that works hard to prepare our students to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Simon Wade

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