Beckfoot Trust is an organisation that links a group of local Bradford schools together so that they can collectively improve the life chances for young people within their schools. Our aim is to create a group of truly remarkable schools each with a genuine comprehensive intake. They will be wonderful places for young people to learn and grow up in. We want to make a difference. We want to create something special.




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Visits and Residentials


Every year a group of our new Year 10 students participate in the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP). Students spend the day looking at challenging and complex maths problems and learn how to approach them in a structured and logical way. The overall aim is to support and inspire our students to go on and study maths beyond GCSE. Students really enjoy the day out and feedback each year has been very positive with many going on to study A-Level Mathematics!


In English we plan for every year group to have off-site and on-site enrichment.  On-site, we have a range of visits from writers, journalists, poets and other specialists.  We have taken part in ‘First Story’ and ‘Speak Out!’ amongst other schemes.  We also run after school clubs including a ‘Film Club’ in which students will get to film and edit their own movie. Off-site, we visit local sites of literary heritage including the Bronte parsonage at Haworth along with theatre trips to the Alhambra, West Yorkshire Playhouse and, excitingly, the Globe Theatre in Stratford Upon Avon to see Shakespeare performed as it was intended.  To build our students’ cultural capital we also take students to museums and sites of historical worth such as The Royal Armouries in Leeds and Salt’s Mill in Saltaire.


At BUH we partake in the University of Leeds Festival of science in which visiting scientists undertake sessions with our students at KS3 and 4. Groups of students also visit the university to take part in hands on activities.

We have BAE Systems visit every year with their STEM roadshow which is delivered to all Year 7 and 8 students. A BUH delegation from KS3 represents the school in Sa alters Chemistry competition at a local university. Our KS3 Science Club meet after school once a week. Here students get the chance to be scientifically creative and perform practicals and investigations relevant to their everyday lives.


We attend annual events, such as Bradford Music Festival and BBC Music day in Bradford City Park and have played both in the mass ensembles with other schools and on the main stage with our own act! Our trip to Bradford College with our BTEC Music pupils is another yearly occurrence, where we work alongside experienced college students and staff, using their state-of-the-art equipment to run sound checks with bands for a live performance. We get out into the community to perform at local schools, like Chellow Heights, as often as we can and we are involved in both Trust and city-wide collaborative projects, where we come together with other schools from across the city, to create and perform our own musical compositions. For this, we do a 'tour' of all the schools involved during the planning and composing stages and perform at public venues to showcase our acts. Venues have included Factory Street Recording Studios, Tapestry Arts and Alhambra studios in Bradford!

Physical Education

The PE Department provide a plethora of sporting opportunities for all students to participate in after school, whether this is to represent school against other schools in the area, intra competitions or purely for recreational purposes.  Last academic year the PE Department hosted a third of all students in school; the activities include, football, boxing, ju-jitsu, cricket, dance, athletics, table tennis and badminton.  The PE department have also visited Headingley, the home of Yorkshire Cricket where they experienced a World Cup Cricket match of Bangladesh v's West Indies, an unforgettable experience for all.

Design & Technology and Art

In Design & Technology and Art we run several trips and activities over the year, we have been lucky to make links with many amazing creative organisations and have their input in our work. Our extra-curricular programme focuses on the development of forward-thinking skills required by industry in the future such as creativity, critical thinking and design innovation.


  • Hepworth Gallery - Y10/11
  • Yorkshire Sculpture Park - Y10/11
  • Visiting Artists, throughout year - Y10/11
  • Leeds Art University - Y9 / 10 /11


  • Bradford Manufacturing Weeks - All years
  • STEM sessions, throughout year - Y7 / 8 / 9
  • Leeds University STEM / Engineering department - Y10
  • Planned faculty London design visit - Y9 / 10

Humanities Faculty Enrichment

The Humanities Faculty prides itself on its busy extra- curricular programme, offering a wide variety of enrichment opportunities to develop students’ knowledge, skills and understanding in the Humanities subjects.

The Humanities wider learning days allow students to immerse themselves in all 3 subjects; history, geography and religious education .In Year 7 students have the opportunity to go to Bolton Abbey, to investigate the geography of the Wharfe Valley and the religious and historic site of the Priory and its ruins. In Year 8 a visit to Liverpool enables students to visit the Slavery Museum and explore the regeneration of the city and its architecture including religious buildings.

As well as the wider learning days the individual subjects within the faculty also offer a wide range of enrichment opportunities.


A number of trips are on offer linking with our curriculum journey.  A visit to Cadbury World enables students to learn about Fair Trade and exactly how chocolate connects sectors of the economy from around the world.  We are keen to make links between other subjects and a cross curricular trip with Science to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park allows students to see how animals adapt to different environments and about the importance of conservation. The curriculum journey includes on site fieldwork opportunities, such as a microclimate investigation. Off -site fieldwork opportunities include an investigation of coastal management at Hornsea and urban land use in the local area. We want to encourage students to explore new environments and have new experiences, such as exploring Ingleborough Caves and Clapham Beck. We have links with the University of Leeds and the Geography Ambassadors Programmer and are keen to invite guest speakers to the school such as representatives from Water Aid. Students preparing for their GCSE are also given opportunities to take part in exam-based workshops delivered by various Geography specialists.


The study of History at Beckfoot Upper Heaton offers a wealth of opportunities for young people to investigate and engage with the world around them.  A visit to Saltaire to investigate the local impact of the Industrial Revolution gives students a sense of how important Bradford has been throughout History.  A residential trip to the WW1 battlefields of northern France and Belgium will enable students to be immersed in one of the biggest events of the 20th Century.  The excellent Holocaust Memorial Exhibition in Huddersfield tells the stories of real-life survivors of the Nazi Holocaust, including their escape from Nazi occupied Europe and how they rebuilt their lives in Britain.  This can be powerful for our year 9 students who will be looking at more complex issues in modern History in their final year of Key Stage 3.  We are also lucky that the excellent Thackray Medical Museum is based in Leeds, as are GCSE workshops that are attended by our students in order to bring the GCSE course to life and aid revision in the run up to exams.  We also welcome visitors into our school to talk about their experiences of historical events and current affairs.  These include Solutions Not Sides who fly an Israeli and Palestinian young person to the UK to speak about their experiences growing up in the conflict and to answer questions from our students about this complex issue.  Finally, one of the most enriching elements of the History complementary curriculum, is our participation in SUSOMAD where a group of our students are trained to be facilitators who guide their peers through the story of Anne Frank and a study of the events in Srebrenica.  This gives our learners the opportunity to be real leaders and to support their peers in their understanding of key historical events that have shaped our world today.

Religious Education

Students have the opportunity to visit a range of Places of Worship, for example, in Year 7 students visit a local synagogue. Linking in with the curriculum journey we have guest speakers including a Humanist speaker and workshops around different faiths including Sikhism. We encourage students to voice their views and opinions and debate, for example in the Science and Religion Workshop. The interfaith day allows students to pose questions to speakers from different faiths.  A whole school cross-curricular approach on the theme of Prejudice and Discrimination allows students to express their views and opinions through forms such as speeches, artwork music and dance. KS3 students are invited to join the ‘Social Action Club’ previous members have had the opportunity to visit Asda HQ as part of the Next Gen Leaders Project and become peer mentors.

Year 7 & 8 – Nell Bank

Every year at Beckfoot Upper Heaton, we give our year 7 students the opportunity to visit Nell Bank Outdoor Education Centre near Ilkley.  As this year 7 did not get their chance to visit due to Covid restrictions, they will go next September at the start of Year 8.  We have already booked Nell Bank for September 2021 for our Year 7 and Year 8 students.

Students will spend the day out in the fresh air, exploring the natural habitat, orienteering, and participating in team-building exercises.  It's a great day out and a good opportunity for the students to get to know their classmates a bit better outside of the school setting