Beckfoot Trust is an organisation that links a group of local Bradford schools together so that they can collectively improve the life chances for young people within their schools. Our aim is to create a group of truly remarkable schools each with a genuine comprehensive intake. They will be wonderful places for young people to learn and grow up in. We want to make a difference. We want to create something special.




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9th March 2021

What Do Our Students Think of BUH?


Our school is one big family community. As well as common core subjects, there are many more that school have to offer regarding your interests. If you need help at any time, you can rely on many of the staff at Beckfoot Upper Heaton to help you out. I personally love school and the subjects that I study.  I have fun, interactive teachers who are ready to help me thrive. I know that my learning needs are catered for and I can rely on the staff to keep my physical and mental health at its best!

- Isa

I really like school because you get to meet new people and learn new stuff.  I believe that everyone deserves an education.  It’s fun to go to school.  You can go on trips with your friends and do fun, different competitions and fun experiments.  It’s a fun place.

- Karina

I like the school itself, and the teachers listen to stuff you have to say and they help with as much as they can. We can talk about our own opinions in classes, freely without other people making fun of what you have to say and most of the time, everything is fair.

- Rania

We all love the food here at Beckfoot Upper Heaton, especially the chicken burgers and the lovely dinner ladies serving us every single day.

The education here is great.  When I first started this school, I thought I would never get anywhere in life, but now if feel great and I’m in set 1.  I’m in set 1 because of my teachers and my amazing confidence and knowledge.

They got graded good by Ofsted. This is why I love this school.

- Anonymous

My name Is Jacob and I arrived at BUH in Year 8 having never been to a school in England before, I was really nervous.  I hadn't even had a school uniform before! What I found great about BUH was that everyone was supportive, and the faculty were approachable and kind. During my time at BUH I have not only developed my various skills and improved my capabilities, but I have also developed as a person. BUH challenges me and pushes me to achieve new goals.

- Jacob

The thing I like most about my school is the way the teachers interact with the students. For example, they are very supportive and easy to talk to. I know if I have any problems inside of school or outside of school, they will always make time to listen and give advice .

I also love the fact that instead of jumping to conclusions, they will listen to every aspect of the issue and take action from there.

Furthermore, I like that if I am struggling with my work, teachers will go above and beyond to ensure that they have exhausted every avenue to help me e.g. give extra homework, one to one sessions and quick responses to emails.

- Amina

What I like about the school is that it accepts you with arms open and embraces you and tries their best to make you feel important and also accepts you for who you are. They don’t discriminate and turn their back on you, and also try their best to solve the problems in case it might upsets their students.

- Jaweriah

What I like about Beckfoot Upper Heaton is the extraordinary leadership towards fellow students and all the amazing teachers helping and boosting us to pass our GCSEs.

- Faris

Beckfoot Upper Heaton is a good school. As a student here I feel that since our last Ofsted inspection we have improved as a school and would increase our rankings.

What I really like the most in this school are the opportunities given to students by teachers. By this I mean the way teachers push students and help to ignite a spark hidden beneath all the shyness. The lessons I enjoy the most in school are English and Business studies. This is because of my own personal interests however, also because of atmosphere in these lessons.

- Hader

What I like about our school Beckfoot Upper Heaton is that it concentrates and focuses on the students’ mental health and wellbeing and makes it their top priority to make us feel safe and comfortable in and out of school. And raises awareness about topics that may be uncomfortable to talk about in our society. At our school, staff make sure each student has reached their full potential and that no child is left behind.

- Khaqan

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